Top 5 Events for Google Tag Manager

In the course of consultation with clients, I often get asked this question:

What events would you recommend with an initial install of Google Tag Manager(GTM)?

I usually recommend the following events, not only because they are necessary but also because you can visualize the impact of the container that is the true essence of GTM.

ecommerce Tags

The first thing that people add in is the event that fires when a customer has completed a transaction. There are two ways for us to fire this event. One is to use the enhanced e-commerce feature that is inherently built-in to the Universal Analytics tracking tag. All you have to do in this case is go into the tag where all your page views are being tracked and enable enhanced e-commerce tracking. For details, please see below
variable types in GTM

While you can use any variable to store ecommerce data, leveraging the data layer is the option that works most easily in the Google Analytics reporting domain. Please see how to do this with ease using Google Developers and also Simo Ahava's great blog post.

Form Submission Tags

Google Tag Manager provides a list of variables that help you keep track of forms. This becomes quite useful if you want to know how many people subscribed to a newsletter or sent a message to you via your website. There are several ways to track form submissions. Six wondeful ways are set out in this wonderful blog post. I like the infographic from this post the most.

Scroll Depth Tags

This is new and just launched a couple of months ago. If you have a lot of content and still see bounce rates of more than 70% you get to wondering if people are just going away without seeing your post or are they just reading one whole article and then leaving. This event will answer that question for you and give you confidence about your wonderful content. A good recipe on how to do this is available at elavar.

Outbound Links Tags

As you may have seen in this post, I like linking out to good content. I am not being altruistic, it is the nature of the web to send all the traffic to the best content. That's really how page rank works and Google owns us all. However, be that as it may, I would like to know what my best performing outbound links are. Perhaps, I need to talk to those folks and ask them to link back to my site. This event really helps you do that. Here is an excellent guide from Amazeemetrics on how to do that.

Tracking downloads

We exist in a world where there are a lot of goodies available on websites if you fill out a form. To track downloads and whitepapers becomes really material if they are part of the lead process or perhaps even a free image or infographic that is being given out. Marketing folks really like knowing these numbers and sales sometimes has to email all of the downloaders as prospects. To track these type of event, please follow this link.

There are a lot of custom tracking events that are being built by various intelligent programmers out there. However, these are the five that I see being used most often. Do you know of anymore? Do let me know.


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